Current Self Method IN Italian Founding Members

Current Self Method IN Italian Founding Members

One of the most important concerns facing licenced gaming operators across the world is limiting the consequences of problem gambling. While the great majority of their clients gamble responsibly and take steps to limit their spending, a tiny percentage online casino of gamers nevertheless have gambling issues or lose money from gaming excessively and compulsively.

In certain circumstances, this can have harmful societal implications and has been one of the main drivers of gaming regulations and a growing burden of compliance. Apart from any moral duty, operators have tended to be among the most aggressive in introducing methods to target problem gamblers – it’s also vital for the long-term survival and health of their business. We take responsible gaming extremely seriously at Casino, and we provide a self-exclusion feature for any player who needs to quit.

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Self-exclusion has been considered one of the most effective techniques that the industry introduces, providing problem players the opportunity to identify themselves and opt out of any further games with a certain operator. This resolves the difficulty for operators of distinguishing problem players from ordinary players, while allowing individuals to regulate their own gambling urges, limiting their options.

A new strategy of self-exclusion has now been developed in Italy, aimed at furthering this notion. New legislation laid out by the AAMS gaming authority in the nation will enable players to exempt themselves from In one swipe, each licenced Italian operator collapsed.

The gambling exclusions ‘one stop shop’ approach ensures that players with gambling issues directly recognised may take a significant move towards their future gambling avoidance. They all need a short, easy form and their data are entered to the national registry known as the single registry of self-exclusion or USR.

Gambling issues 

There is no need for users to remove themselves from each site, and the concept is meant to make it easier for players to detect issues so that they may effectively reject the whole gambling business.

When the register adds a name, all licenced golf operators are expected, including cancelling any accounts they currently have with them, to prevent the individual from leaving their website. Players can select from or restrict a permanent limit.

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The down side 

your play, based on the kind and severity of the gambling problem you face over a period of six months. On the downside of this new plan, the operators who now have to assure compliance with each and every register update might be subject to administrative taxation. This raises operators’ compliance and regulatory burdens, which are never good news.


Likewise, a player may encounter difficulties with sports, but would also have more casual gambling of other kinds — the proverbial sledgehammer to shatter a nut may be the uniform, unambiguous exclusion. However, this feels like a policy that can succeed in spite of these snacks. The scenario in Italy will be seen as a test case by the regulators elsewhere.


If it shows that it is helpful in addressing problems gambling, similar programmes in other licenced countries might potentially benefit from implementation, as opposed to other unneeded limitations on gaming operators.

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